victorian porch tiles

Victorian Ceramics uses traditional decorating techniques and original, authentic designs to bring you this impressive collection of tile designs.

In the 1870’s the use of ceramic tiles in porches became one of the defining architectural features of the Victorian home.

Over many years Victorian Ceramics has been asked to reproduce many original porches. We have therefore decided to show our customers a selection of the most popular porch designs. The eight porch designs shown are typical layouts although any of our decorative tiles can be incorporated. We also have a range of tile accessories that can be used including skirtings, embossed borders, geometric tiles and dados.

We will always be pleased to assist with your design based on your specific dimensions and tile preferences from our extensive range of designs, colours and sizes. Please contact us for more information.


Porch 1



Porch 2



Porch 3



Porch 4



Porch 5



Porch 6



Porch 7


Simple porch v

Porch 8


Bespoke sizes and designs

Any of our colours and decorative tiles can be incorporated into any of the standard porch designs shown and modified to fit any space.

Feel free to create your own designs from scratch. If we can assist in helping with designs and costings please email your porch dimensions and ideas and we will be pleased to help.

A Price Guide

Every porch is different and we email an itemised quote for each enquiry.

However, to give a price guide the average porch is 76cm wide x 110cm high. A simple porch such as porch 8 above would be about £550.00 for the tiles for two porch sides including the VAT and delivery. A highly decorative porch such as Porch 1 above would be about £980.00 for the tiles for two porch sides including the VAT and delivery. 

For more information on the above tiles , or if you’re interested in purchasing, please go to How to Order.

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* Decoration is applied to our authentic Victorian square edge tiles.