embossed tiles

Victorian Ceramics uses traditional decorating techniques and original, authentic designs to bring you this impressive collection of embossed tiles.

We specialize in the reproduction of original Victorian embossed tile designs. Each tile is hand-decorated by an artist using specially formulated glazes to emphasize the moulded surfaces’ intricate details. The tile is coated in a transparent glaze which softens the design’s edges and brings the tile to life, creating a unique tile suitable for fireplaces, porches, kitchens and bathrooms.

Tile size 6”x6” (152mm x 152mm), cost per tile £32.10 + VAT

The plain tile that complements the background is called Ivory. The cost of the ivory tile 6”x6” is £4.15 each.


Tube Lined 1


Tube Lined 2


Tube Lined 3


Tube Lined 4


Tube Lined 5


Tube Lined 6


Tube Lined 7

Pilkington embossed twin tile set

The design on these tiles is moulded in relief into the tiles surface. A rich transparent Victorian glaze flows over the tiles highlighting the modelled details and providing individual shading over the design. The background of the tile is filled with the same coloured glaze achieving a darker shade which emphasises the relief design. This tile set is ideal for use in porches or for feature panels. This tile set comes in all of our standard colours.

 Tile size 6”x6” (152mm x 152mm), cost per tile £12.00 + VAT.   £24.00 plus VAT  per two tile set as shown below

Available in all Victorian colours.


Pilkington Olive A


Pilkington Olive B


Pilkington Emerald A


Pilkington Emerald  B


Pilkington Dark Blue A


Pilkington Dark Blue B

The two tiles of the Pilkington Twin set shown together:

Embossed – Sun

Tile size 6”x6” (152mm x 152mm), cost per tile £12.00 + VAT

Available in all Victorian colours.

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Sun – Olive

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Sun – Emerald

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Sun – Dark Blue

Embossed, stylized tulip border tile

These lovely embossed borders have recently been reproduced for a renovation project at a large Victorian property in Sunderland. The detail in the modelling is brought to life by the rich transparent glazes which flow over the surface in the kiln to reveal areas of dark and light. These are ideal to form a running border in a kitchen, bathroom or porch.

Tile size 6”x4” (152mm x 100mm) . The cost per tile is £7.50 + VAT. There are 6.6 tiles to a linear metre.

More Border Tiles


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light teapot brown


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cream with honey

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* Decoration is applied to our authentic Victorian square edge tiles.