plain coloured tiles

Victorian Ceramics specialises in deep, intense Victorian glazes. The glazes are formulated in-house to complement the designs from the William Morris, William De Morgan and Philip Webb collections.

Plain Coloured Tiles

Our glazes are based on original Victorian and Edwardian glaze recipes. Hand glazing ensures subtle variations in colour across each tile and from tile to tile providing the authentic look of period tiles. The life and individuality of our tiles makes every order entirely unique to each customer.  As in original tiles of the period crazing is a normal feature of these glazes.

Traditional Victorian Colours

The traditional Victorian and Edwardian glaze colours are based on a small and recognisable palette of colours as shown below.  A distinctive feature of these tiles is the sharp edge which allows the tiles to be set with a ‘tight’ grout joint or touching (butt jointed) as seen in original tiling.


Burgundy – Dark

Light Teapot Brown

Teapot Brown


Deep Blue

Dark Blue

Victorian Blue


Dark Olive


Emerald Dark




Tin White


Craquelle on Biscuit

Engobe Craquelle Aged

Tile Sizes

Standard tiles are 6″ x 6″ (152mm x 152mm) x 8mm thick. We also offer the following sizes and are happy to produce bespoke sizes on request. Please contact us for more information.

6″ x 6″
(152 x 152mm)
£ 3.85 + VAT

6″ x 3″
(152 x 76mm)
£2.85 + VAT

6″ x 2″
(152 x 51mm)
£2.35 + VAT

6″ x 1.5″
(152 x 38mm)
£2.35 + VAT

3″ x 3 ”
(76 x 76mm)
£2.35 + VAT

4 1/4 ” x 2 1/8 ”
(108 x 53mm)
£3.85 + VAT

4″ x 2 ”
(102 x 51mm)
£2.35 + VAT

We also supply a wide range of specially designed tile accessories. Please click here for more.

For more information on the above tiles , or if you’re interested in purchasing, please go to How to Order.

* Decoration is applied to our authentic Victorian square edge tiles.

We offer a tile and glaze matching service, particulary for older tile types. In the first instance, please email a photograph of the tiles in question and we will try our very best to assist.

Create your own Combination of Tiles

Above are just a few, popular combinations. To preview your own combination of the above tiles, please use our Tile Combination Creator.

For more information on the above tiles , or if you’re interested in purchasing, please go to How to Order.