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Crazing normal feature of original Victorian glazes. It is a gradual process with some colours crazing straight from the kiln and some taking weeks to develop. You may hear the tile ‘ping’ as this happens.  This is a normal feature of these glazes and part of their charm. Craze lines aren’t cracks in the tile and won’t affect the integrity of the tiles or their use.


Please email your name, address and contact number and we will be please to send out samples.

Glazed edges
We can glaze exposed edges for you. A single glazed edge (SGE) can be requested or a double glazed edge (DGE).  There is a small charge of £0.50 for each glazed edge.

Adhesive and Grout
Standard adhesives and grouts can be used for our tiles.  Due to the sharp edge of the Victorian style tile the tiles can be set with a small joint or even butt jointed if required. If grouting is used we recommend using an impregnator to minimise staining over time. Please note that very dark coloured grouts such as dark grey or black can highlight the craze lines in pale tile colours.  Often on original tiles crazing is only noticale because of dust/soot over the years makes them visable. We often ‘age’ tiles by intentionally staining the crazing with a dark coloured stain. Please give us a call to discuss if you are unsure.

We are unable to take back unused tiles.

Using tiles in hot areas
The tiles have been fired to 1060°C and are suitable for all hot areas including in and around a fireplace and under woodburners.

Using tiles in wet areas
The tiles are suitable for shower and steam rooms. Even though some of the glazes will craze, we can ensure that a waterproof layer called an ‘engobe’ is applied under the glaze. However, as with any tiling installation in wet areas, a suitable water barrier behind the tiles should be used.  It is good practice to apply an impregnator to the grout and tiles after installation.

Using tiles outside 
The tiles can be used outside. However, they can be susceptible to frost damage and we should be informed if frost damage is a possibility.

Our wall tiles are not suitable for floors

Tile matching service – domestic projects
We specialise in the reproduction of heritage tiles and glazes (pre-metric) rather than contemporary tiles. Please email a photo of the tiles to be matched so that we can provide prices. We will need a sample if you would like to proceed.

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Tiles from the William De Morgan, WIlliam Morris and Philip Webb collections are 6″ x 6″ (152mm x 152mm) and 8mm thick.

Victorian Plain Colour Tiles are available in a variety of sizes. Below is a full list of the tiles sizes we produce. Please click on each icon for more information and detailled images.


9″ x 3″
(228 x 76mm)
£3.85 + VAT


6″ x 6″
(152 x 152mm)
£ as above


6″ x 4″


6″ x 3″
(152 x 76mm)
£3.45 + VAT


6″ x 2″
(152 x 51mm)
£2.85 + VAT


6″ x 1.5″
(152 x 38mm)
£2.85 + VAT


6″ x 1″
(152 x 25mm)
£2.85 + VAT


4″ x 4″
(102 x 102mm)
£2.85 + VAT


4″ x 2″
(102 x 51mm)
£2.85 + VAT


3″ x 3″
(76 x 76mm)
£2.85 + VAT


1.5″ x 1.5″
(38 x 38mm)
£2.35 + VAT


1″ x 1″
(25 x 25mm)
£2.85 + VAT

We also supply a wide range of specially designed tile accessories. Please click here for more.

For more information on the above tiles , or if you’re interested in purchasing, please go to How to Order.

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* Decoration is applied to our authentic Victorian square edge tiles.