customer comments

Victorian Ceramics uses traditional decorating techniques and original authentic designs to bring you this impressive collection of tile designs.

These timeless designs have endured the test of time allowing you to create the perfect finishing detail to any period interior, restoration project or contemporary interior.

‘We also have to tile the bathroom and a small area in the kitchen, and we’ve decided we’re going to come to Victorian Ceramics not just for those areas, but for all our tiles from now on’
Ken, Henley on Thames, UK

‘I just want to thank you for your work on the tiles you sent me. They are absolutely beautiful!! 🙂 And just how I wanted them to be:-)’
Bronwen, Copnhagen, Denmark

‘Thank you so much for the delivery – the tiles are lustrous – beautifully coloured and a real pleasure to have received’
David, Jersey

‘The set decorator was on location on the set that involves your beautiful tiles yesterday, and she called especially to say how lovely they look.  I thought you’d like to know, thank you!’
Jannecke, Shepperton, UK

‘Just want to say thank you.  The tiles are an excellent match to my existing ones.  Thanks for a great service. Very much appreciated.  I would not hesitate to recommend you’
Stephen, Chester, UK

‘I am absolutely delighted with the tiles and although the job is yet unfinished, it is so beautiful to look at.  Mid way, my tiler said, “go on, tell me how much you paid for these?!” and my only reply was “money well spent!”’
Charlotte, Ware, Hertfordshire, UK

‘Just unpacked the tiles which are every bit as beautiful as we’d hoped and in perfect condition’
Collette, Ballymena, Northern Ireland

‘I received the tiles today and I must say that I’m over-the-moon with them. They are the most beautiful colour and I’ve earned no end of brownie points with the “missus”‘
Steve, Caversham, Berkshire, UK

‘The tiles arrived today… they are wonderful.  Thank you for all your trouble’
Dirkie, South Africa

‘I can’t thank you enough for the beautiful tiles which look completely stunning. I can honestly say it’s one of my favourite features in the house’
Sally, Isleworth, Middlesex UK

‘We are delighted with every aspect of your work.  The tiles are really extraordinary & fit their location -I think that you will agree- perfectly.  Colours, clarity & quality of painting are absolutely splendid.  As always my poor photographs do not do justice to the impact of the tiles’
Ian, Buxton, UK

‘Your tiles are fantastic. Splendid finishes with all the colour variations and slight imperfections I wanted. Also impeccable from a practical viewpoint. Identically sized and square so the butt joints are perfect. No grouting required. At the price they are excellent value. You are a craftsman. I think I have exhausted my vocabulary of superlatives’
Tim, Richmond, Surrey, UK

‘They’ve arrived and I’m being forced to wear wellies as the amount of drool is considerable’
Jacqueline, St Erblon, France

‘I received the tiles. They look awesome. Thank you very much’
Tim, Walpole, USA

‘Your tiles are things of great beauty and you can feel the love and care that you put into them. You do beautiful work, and I intend to find someplace else to put those gorgeous William De Morgan blue tiles in my house, too!’
Lisa, New York

‘We are absolutely delighted with the tiles, so was the installer and the maker of the fireplace surround and everyone who’s seen it’.
Best wishes, Christine, Hull, UK

‘The tiles are very beautiful; I hope we can buy more soon’
Svetlana, Moscow

‘The tiles arrived safely and are now in place and looking fantastic. I’m so pleased with them – thanks for helping me choose them!’
Rachel, Ilkley, UK

‘Will be sending you some photos to follow this email. We love it… and the tiles look wonderful… what do you think???
Jan and Paul, Bristol, UK

‘Just received the tiles! They are wonderful! We shall so enjoy having them – thank you so much.’
Isabel, London

‘We Love the tiles, they are fantastic. Thank you for everything’
Fiona, Glebe, Australia

‘Photos attached. Aren’t they gorgeous?? For me, they make the room the beautiful place it is.’
Rebecca, Maine, USA

‘The tiles arrived yesterday; they are bonzer.
Many thanks to the team at Victorian Ceramics’

Jill, NWS, Australia