colour blends

Based upon our original Debenham Blend, we now offer a range of tiles in the same style. Each tile is hand dipped in specially formulated glazes to create a unique tile, full of depth and richness of colour. The varying weights of glaze applied and the different firing temperatures used produce this stunning mélange.

The tiles are flat faced, sharp edged 6’’ x 3’’ Victorian style bricks, allowing the tiles to be butt jointed if required.

The cost per tile is £3.45 + VAT and there are 86 tiles per m². The tiles are premixed.

Four ceramic tiles overlapping each other and displayed beautifully

Tile Range

Ranges from original artists Willliam De MorganWIlliam MorrisPhilip Webb and our Victorian Printed & Tinted range.

Plain Colours

Deep, intense Victorian colour glazes and blends to compliment our tile range.

Embossed & Tube Lined

Embossed tiles, hand decorated using specially formulated glazes to emphasize the intricate detail in the moulded surfaces.