berries & leaves

William De Morgan (1839-1917) was one of the most famous designers of tiles from the Arts and Crafts Movement, of which he was a founder member. His distinctive style and deep, intense glazes are instantly recognisable.

Victorian Ceramics produces a large range of tiles, based on the original designs of William De Morgan. Please select from below:

These tiles feature berries and leaves, ideal for use either as a single or repeating design or for use in combination with other tiles in the William De Morgan range.

Priced from £16.25 to £26.95 + VAT each, these tiles are available in either red, green, blue or manganese and are 6″ x 6″ (152mm x 152mm) x 8mm thick. Ideal for general wall use or as fireplace tiles.


Flying Leaves green

Small Bough blue (a)

Small Bough blue (b)

16 Square Bough green

16 Square Bough blue

16 Bough 2 Colour

16 Square Chequer with fruit

9 Square Small Bough with Fruit (a)

9 Square Small Bough with Fruit (b)

9 Square Small Bough with Scroll (a)

9 Square Small Bough with Scroll (b)

Scroll (a)

Scroll (b)

Vertical Leaf

Oblique Leaf

Stylized wave border tile

Below is a suggestion of combinations:


Above are just a few, popular combinations. To preview your own
combination of the above tiles, please use our Tile Combination Creator.

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* Decoration is applied to our authentic Victorian square edge tiles.