water designs

William De Morgan (1839-1917) was one of the most famous designers of tiles from the Arts and Crafts Movement, of which he was a founder member. His distinctive style and deep, intense glazes are instantly recognisable.

Victorian Ceramics produces a large range of tiles, based on the original designs of William De Morgan. Please select from below:

These original blue and white delft water designs were produced by van Hulst in Harlingen, c.1899. There are eight designs in the range. Each tile is decorated under-glaze in delft blue and then coated in a transparent glaze. These reproduction tiles are ‘full of life’ and individuality. Several designs are usually used together to produce the desired effect.

Delft design on tin glaze, £21.95 + VAT each   (6”x6”). Delft design on crazed glaze, £24.95 + VAT each   (6”x6”).

Tin white glaze (6″x6″) with corner motif £5.50 + VAT each. Craquelle white engobe glazed (6″x6″) with corner motif £6.50 + VAT each.

The matching plain tiles to accompany this design are tin white, craquelle engobe or dark blue.


Hulst Corner


Water Design 1


Water Design 2


Water Design 3


Water Design 4


Water Design 5


Water Design 6


Water Design 7


Water Design 8

Create your own Combination of Tiles

Using our innovative Tile Configurator, you can create your own combination of tiles. Click on the images below to see our suggestion, then create your own by clicking and dragging your desired tile onto the panel.

Below is a suggested of combination:

Complimentary Colours


Dark Blue
£4.15 + VAT


Engobe Craquelle
£4.15 + VAT


Floral 2

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* Decoration is applied to our authentic Victorian square edge tiles.