Over many years we have been asked to reproduce delft designs for customers to replace broken or damaged original tiles. They are often found in Arts and Crafts houses alongside the tiles of William de Morgan and William Morris.

Some Dutch manufacturers (especially The Ravesteijn factory) made a 6”x6” tile, especially for the British Victorian market and even incorporated Arts and Crafts designs into their ranges.

They are therefore perfect in any Victorian setting. The designs are timeless and continue to be a popular choice for contemporary projects.

These tiles are unattributed but thought to be c.1900. They are often used as a spacer tile alternating with other blue and white Dutch delft designs.

These original designs are decorated onto a tin white glaze using the traditional cobalt blue in-glaze techniques.  We also offer an ‘aged’ option where the design is painted onto an engobe  under- glaze before being coated in a crazing  transparent glaze. Ideal for use in kitchens, bathrooms and fireplaces.

Delft design on tin glaze, £21.95 + VAT each   (6”x6”). Delft design on crazed glaze, £24.95 + VAT each   (6”x6”)

The matching plain tiles to accompany this design are tin white, craquelle engobe or dark blue.


Floral 1


Floral 2a


Floral 2b

The Longden tile is a Morris & Company design which is attributed to Philip Webb and originally produced by the Dutch firm Ravesteijn in Utrecht, c.1899. This original blue and white delft design is decorated  under-glaze and is often used as a repeating pattern or as a space between other delft designs.  The tile is sized 6”x6”.

Cost per tile £21.95 + VAT.

The matching plain tiles to accompany this design are tin white, craquelle engobe or dark blue.


William Morris Longden

William Morris Longden Version 2


William Morris Longden


William Morris Longden

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* Decoration is applied to our authentic Victorian square edge tiles.